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How can I make my microphone work on my MacBook Pro?

I can't get my dynamic microphone to work on my MacBook Pro. How do I go about it? I have a speaker, headphone splitter and a 3.5 mm male-to-female audio cable. Still, I cannot recognize the ...
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Yamaha HS7 sounds odd

A month ago, I bought a “Like New” Yamaha HS7 off eBay. I didn't have a cable to connect these to my computer until today, when I got a 1/8 inch to dual XLR cable and connected them to my computer. I ...
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static in my video sound

I am getting static sound on my video playback. I have my computer and camcorder going into a manual switcher and out of the switcher to a monitor on the wall. The static occurs when I have my HDMI ...
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Beyerdynamic sound dropping gradually to zero on one side

For three years, I have owned a pair of Beyerdynamic 990dt pro 250 ohm, I am happy with them. But since a month or so, I've been having an issue where the sound on the left side starts dimming down ...
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Audio splitter with no backfeed

I have just tried to take an audio source and split it into a recording device and a headset. But the headset is acting as a microphone and feeding unwanted signals into the recording device. Is there ...
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Connecting an existing system to a mixer

First off, I realise that none of this system is ideal. When the strange Covid conditions are over, we will be sorting it out properly: this is very much a "for now" solution. My church has an ...
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What Cable do I need to connect Bose L1S and Reloop Beatpad 2

My controller Reloop Beatpad2 has two balanced XLR outputs, whilst the Bose L1S has one analogue input for line-level analogue input via 0.63 cm TRS phone cable. (as seen in picture). I am confused ...
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