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It's impossible, how do I get a lightweight, portable, loud busking amp/PA?

Without going really big, I don't know how to do this. So far I use a Roland Mobile AC amplifier. It's just 5 watts, but it sounds beautiful and it's tiny, fits in my backpack, powered by 6AA ...
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What is a good synth for a beginner to learn on?

I'm getting into production and song writing, and want a proper synth to learn on. I've played around with VSTs, but I don't feel very engaged with them - I don't feel like I can play them like an ...
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If I want to use a microphone with a portable mini amp, will a preamp/mixer significantly improve the sound quality? This is for small live gigs

I'm an amateur musician who knows very little about audio equipment, but I'd like to start learning and have my own basic setup so as not to rely completely on the equipment at venues (sometimes they ...
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Buying stuff in Paris

Any idea where to try and buy location sound stuff in Paris? Like mic capsules and hearphones? Also portabraces. Thanks¡
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Going Into Debt for Gear

I expect to get very few responses for this one because it's such a personal and difficult topic, but I think the experiences of the people here could be very informative. While there seem to be many ...
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