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How do I build a speaker box?

I wanted to build an acoustic box for a woofer and a tweeter, and I wanted to knoe if anyone could guide me on how to make it. It is worth clarifying that it is translated with Google Translate ...
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Neutrik combojack connect to 3.5mm trs jack

Im having a hard time wrapping my head around the neutrik xlr/trs combo jacks and if they can be connected for my usecase . In my rack I have a 3.5mm trs input jack that can be either line or mic ...
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Metallic reverb from ceiling, only in 1 room

I just moved into a new house and I'm having an extremely strange sound issue with one of the rooms. Everything within the room reverberates with a strong metallic sound that appears to originate from ...
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Are transmission line enclosures only good for subwoofers?

Very interested in building a transmission line enclosure as a DIY project. But I'm wondering would you get good results from using reference speakers in a 2.1 design where another external subwoofer ...
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What's the most cost effective way to build a foley pit?

Hey guys I'm looking to start building a decent sized foley pit for my studio and would love to hear from anyone who has done this before. I know it's mostly just squared off blocks of wood with ...
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Unlimited access to a large echoey warehouse.

I walked into a building a friend of mine owns and it's huge - large concrete building which used to house a custom wood mill and shop. The large center room is at least 4 stories high and about a ...
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How do you make fairly portable Foley surfaces?

I want to start practicing foley walking, since it's been a while since i did it.... (And being able to do it for short projects wouldn't hurt either) I was thinking of using suitcases, but they ...
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Building a Soundscape

Scenario: Animated feature from Pixar. No production sound except actor dialogue/effects. Scenes are outside. Suburban and desert. Lots of foley/moving actions. Different perspectives. How would ...
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