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Can a bad XLR cable break my usb audio interface?

From church, I took home two XLR Cables (16 AWG) that I considered may be broken, so that I could test them in a more controlled environment. My Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 has been working great in the ...
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Fix stuttering audio

I have a long piece of recorded audio which has many regular gaps of silence: When you zoom in you can see it like this: Is there any way of removing these regular gaps of silence? They are around "...
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Very loud static and buzzing noise, Behringer UM2 Audio Interface + AT2020. Microphone not working

I don't have much knowledge about this subject so bare with me. I have a AT-2020 Microphone and a Behringer UM2 Audio Interface. I have direct monitor enabled and plug in my headphones to the audio ...
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Sound editing - car misfueled, what sort of sound?

Hello! My first post here, but Ive been a long-time background user. I have a scene in a film I'm working on, and a car is mis-fueled (petrol put into a diesel car) I dont drive (yet) and I havn't ...
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Broken Zoom H2 Solutions

Hey people, I just fried my Zoom H2 by using the AC adaptor, it seems it can't handle New Zealand voltage... Replaced batteries inside and it still won't turn on, so something's fried inside. Just ...
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