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Is there a way to use a hardware DAW controller for stream / broadcast mixing

Sorry if this isn't quite the right board for my question. I recently started live streaming from my home studio. I do gameplay, sometimes music, with friends added via Skype / Zoom. That means I have ...
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How should I use Audition to convert audio for retimed 24fps to 25fps for broadcast?

I have to convert the audio tracks of my 24 fps movie to match up with retimed 25fps so that it can be exported alongside the 25fps video (just playback speed change) for broadcast transmission. I ...
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Understanding Loudness & Broadcast Standards

This is going to be pretty broad cause this stuff just confuses me so I wondering, if you guy's could give me some resources to check out so I can understand them a little better. I don't even know ...
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Conflicts from a sonic perspective

I thought some of you would be interested in this from the BBC,link text its a history of conflicts from more of a sonic perspective. The sounds of conflict are obviously some of the most powerful ...
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Licensing to rebroadcast interviews on internet radio?

[Apologies if this is the wrong StackExchange for this kind of question... please direct me to somewhere that might be more appropriate.] It seems as though there's a lot of material available on ...
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In-Ear monitoring and/or hearing assistance via FM radio

I am researching an in-ear monitoring system for selected choir members and was wondering if an FM transmitter paired with small “Walkman” style receivers would do the trick. I am also interested in a ...
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Stereo to surround mixing software advice [closed]

Is anyone out there familiar with stereo-to-surround (upmixing) software like Waves UM226 or TC Electronics Unwrap and the Broadcasters' (Discovery or National Geographic) acceptance/knowledge therein?...
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