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Higher-than-standard EBU R128 integrated loudness target?

Task at hand I'm mostly a layman as it relates to sound design, but I have a library of workout songs that I'm "normalizing" such that some songs aren't louder than others. For that I'm ...
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Actual Audio Standards in the Industry

Where can I find docs about audio standards in the industry (max DB, Sampling rates...). Best if they are classified by domain (TV, Cinema, Video games, music). Actual standards would be well ...
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Radio advert project

I have a radio project due in a week and a half's time. I have recorded the dialogue at 44.1, 32 bit. I would just like to know what the radio broadcast level is?
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Free MP2 Converter for Mac

In South Africa, the radio stations requires the sound to be an MPEG Audio Layer II with a Constant Bitrate of 384kbit/sec. I haven't come across this before, and I'm struggling to find a free ...
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Radio Spot Specs

I'm designing and mixing some radio commercials tomorrow, and I'm not sure what the specs are. I heard from one source that it's 0db, and another that it's -12db. I'm sure it's different between ...
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Worry about broadcast specs on LtRt/LoRo fold-downs?

Alright, so this one is for my fellow TV-post fader jockeys out there. I've never really found a solid answer to this, not even from some of the networks we sell to (I wish we actually sold more to ...
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What are the Final Sound Mix technical specs for TVCs in South Africa?

This goes out to my fellow South African colleagues out there: Is there a spec of dB levels / mix standards that is required by the SABC/MNET/E-TV for a commercial/program's final mix output and if so,...
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Old Movie Phasing

I have noticed that many older movies (Late 70's and before) shown on tv have a subltle phasing sound that runs thru the entire track. It sounds like maybe the stereo track is being summed or is out ...
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Anyone done work for a music video before?

I'm curious, because I've never done any work for music videos. Specifically, I'm wondering if they use similar dialnorms to standard television programming. Is there anything that's majorly different ...
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