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Questions related to the rendering of audio from a project to a single file (for example, a .WAV or .mp3)

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Original of bounced in place track is inaudible in Logic Pro

In Logic Pro, when I bounce in place a sample and then delete the bounced track the original track is inaudible. What do I do to make it work again?
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Project not bouncing to MP3 because of Master Track in Channel Strip List

I accidentally inserted a Master track into my list of Channel Strips (I'm new, not sure what that does, but I can't get rid of it). I just want to bounce my project to MP3 but it seems like nothing ...
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What is your pro tools session set up?

In the past I've worked using a MASTER FADER and bounced out using the bounce option. but I've been made aware recently of not using a master fader at all and utilising sends (such as M+E, Dialogue) ...
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Problem with bouncing out to QT

The clip I'm trying to bounce out is 25 FPS and I have both timecodes and feet+frames rate at 25 FPS, but every single time I bounce to disk in PT 10 the audio drifts about one or two seconds behind ...
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Bounce of PT out of sync on FC

Hey guys, I just send a bounce file i made on PT to the editor of this project and he says that at the end of the file the sync is out and gets worse and worse. I've checked my settings on my session ...
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