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DIY sound it worth it?

Hello all, so my room is terrible for sound, and i am thinking about building a sound booth something similar to this . Basically i need a sound booth to record sfx at ...
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Anyone know of a VO booth for sale? [closed]

I work with a production company in Minneapolis and they want to purchase a voice over booth for their new office. I'll be the one doing the recording so I certainly have a vested interest in this ...
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In theory, could a choir rehearse safely by using multiple recording booths mixed with a soundboard?

As you know, COVID has shut down many facilities to keep people safe. As such, we have had to resort to virtual choir and other ensembles. And performing together is not possible because of the high ...
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Sound and Light Booth

I have just been told that the district is going to move my booth from the balcony (where we took out seats and set up tables) and build a room for it on the main floor, under the balcony. It will be ...
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How Do I Reduce Noise Floor in a Booth With No EQ

I need to submit a raw recording to an audio engineer with no editing for a demo. The noise floor of my recording must be at least -40 RMS. When I do not speak, the RMS is at -60 but when I do speak, ...
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At home deconstructable vocal booth in apartment [duplicate]

Moving in to a new apartment next month and looking at building a vocal booth so the neighbours don't hate me. I'm quite loud (focusing more on screams than singing), so the goal of the booth is to ...
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Animation VO rig build from scratch

I'm Tom I'm based in the UK, this is my first time posting here, so please go easy on me if I come across like I'm asking a dumb question, because if you don't ask etc. A local college (not a ...
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