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Something moving inside Røde NTG3?

I purchased a Røde NTG3B a month ago, but there was strange noise whenever I moved the mic. As if something was moving inside the mic. The mic was practically useless. I returned the mic and the ...
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Outdoor recording with TLM 103 microphones

Is there a way to mount two TLM 103 microphones into a blimp? I'd like to have a compact stereo setup with those two mics, are there any options except two individual stands. I couldn't find ...
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Neumann KM 184 ORTF Røde Blimp

I want to try a pair of Km184 for field recording next week and can´t find any informations about packing them inside a Røde Blimp in ORTF Setup. Does anyone of you found a way to do this ? thanks ...
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sennheiser mkh(80)20 spaced omni in blimp, anyone?

hi, i'm looking for a low noise HQ setup which i can use in the field. i'd prefer omni mics like he mkh8020, but am distracted by the usual setup, i.e. a tripod, mic clamps, rycote baby balls etc. i ...
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PROAIM BMP60 thoughts

Hi guys, For a budget priced blimp, has anyone had experience with the Proaim BMP60 R or S? Noticed it has been mentioned in a post before, though cannot find any buyer reviews except for a the (...
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Blimp windshield size

I'm considering buying a Rycote S Series blimp for an MKH416. Rycote website recommends a certain size blimp. My concern though is if I put a smaller microphone into a large blimp will it affect the ...
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Does an AT825 fit inside the Rode Blimp?

Has anybody tried it? I emailed Rode but got no response. Thanks!
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Budget Shopping: A boom or a blimp?

I'm doing some studio guitar work, right now, which will end up paying me ~$500 (it's for a really good friend, or I'd be charging at least twice that), and I'm planning on putting all that money back ...
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DIY Zeppelin/Blimp

Hi I have designed a low cost blimp (not yet constructed one) and it uses PVC pipes and a mesh...but i need some info. regarding the extendable pole...a friend suggested an outdoor umbrella's ...
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Opinions about windshield blimp

Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a zeppelin for the microphone, but usually used in big productions I can not pay. I've looked at alternatives and found this, someone has tried and can compare it with ...
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