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White-gaps is sound profile recorded with shotgun microphone

I got recently interested in bird sound recording. Apologies as this might be a noob question! Attached here the sound profile from Audacity: Set-up: RØDE NTG5 with Zoom u22 (for converting XLR ...
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Adjusting recording levels in the Sony PCM-M10

I have a Sony PCM-M10 but am having trouble recording bird songs. I am using the built-in microphones. In most cases the recording level is too low. Basically the problem is that the bird is ...
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Bird flapping/flying away sound effect?

I can't seem to find a recording of a bird (a crow in particular) flapping its wings as it flies away in to the distance. I imagine it would be a hard sound to capture. How can I make this sound? ...
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How do you get rid of the birds in your recordings?

It's spring here and the birds are singing - but sometimes you just don't want them in your recordings ... so my question to you is what are your tricks for getting rid of those birds in your ...
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Looking For A Birds Of Prey Library

I have found a ton of individual sites that have some good recordings here and there, but anyone know of a solid library that has a good range of birds from owls to macaws, eagles, falcons, etc etc? ...
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REQUEST: European BGz variety - birds, animals

Greetings! I'm in a situation where a show calls for some "historically-accurate" (within reason, 'geographically-accurate' may be the more correct term) ambiences in terms of animal and bird choices....
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A Living Sound Effect Library [closed]

I don't know if any of you have seen this but I just found it while looking up bird songs on youtube and I was pretty amazed.. Bird Songs Video Link
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