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7 answers

Recording BIG Sounds

Hi, I'm trying to record big impact sounds for a fight sequence - punches, body falls, slaps etc. but what I get when I listen to my recordings is nothing like what I heard when recording - either it'...
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First trailer re-design. Critiques?

Hello SSD! I've finished my first (complete) trailer done! A short one, but a current and cool one in my opinion. Here is the goods: Let me know what you think, I ...
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1 vote
5 answers

What do you use to upload big files on? (For Slower Internet Connections)

I know a lot of people would want some recordings of the Muslim Prayers from a Mosque so I recorded one a couple of days ago, just so you know its not a super duper fantastical recording cause it was ...
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Big Stomping Sound?

Anybody know where I can start to make a big stomping sound. I need it for a T-Rex, so its gotta be huge!
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