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Amplitube 4 not receiving MIDI signals

I'm trying to use my MIDI controller to operate the looper in the Amplitube 4 standalone app (on Windows 10 Pro). My controller is a Behringer FCB1010, connected to a Behringer UMC404HD. I have the ...
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Behringer UMC202HD white noise

I just got a Behringer UMC202HD. Thing is there is white noise which is audible when I am plugging my guitar and having high gain on. I am wondering if that's normal for every interface, or should I ...
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Behringer Euphoria UMC404HD damaged after connecting iRig2

Context I was trying to send audio from my interface to clubhouse through my phone and I think I fried some parts of interface through the process. I have a Behringer UMC 404HD interface, a bunch of ...
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Behringer UM2 weird white/static noise problem

I have recently stumbled up upon a weird problem with my audio interface. I'm using a Behringer U-PHORIA UM2, with an Audio-Technica AT2020 mic connected to it. When I first got it there was no ...
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Behringer X 32 versus Midas M 32

What is the difference between the Behringer M 32 and the Midas R 32 consoles?
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Stereo settings on all audio devices sound strange

When using any of my audio devices, my Behringer U2, my mobo audio out, and my Sound Blaster FX in stereo mode, all sound weird. Kinda like the sound is coming in front of me, instead of how regular ...
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Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD and SKP Podcast 200

I have a SKP Podcast 200 microphone that I plug directly in my laptop (P2 conector) to do some recordings. Recently, to improve the overall quality of my recordings, I bought a Behringer U-Phoria ...
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