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3 answers

Bag/Pouch for Zoom H6

I'm sure a lot of people bought the Zoom H6 as a handy recorder for some situations. I just bought it too, and I'm wondering how to wear it, since I will use it with a boom and a pre. I want to keep ...
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Looking for DPA 5100 Case Suggestions

Looking for ideas of housing a DPA 5100 While in transit. Currently have it sitting in the mfg cardboard box inside of my larger FX kit pelican. Looking for something new and more sturdy as the ...
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3 answers

Seeking Fostex FR2 LE case/bag/strap

As the title suggests I am currently seeking a carry case/bag or a good strap for my Fostex FR2 LE field recorder. Cases such as the portabrace exceed my humble budget(up to £50), and I've been told ...
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2 answers

Petrol Deca Eargonizer in bad weather/harsh environment

Howdy! I just received my brand new Petrol Deca Eargonizer Small audio bag in the post, after reading many recommendations online about this bag. It certainly seems to be very useful and cleverly ...
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2 answers

Which bags you use?

Simple, which bags you use for caring your equipment and why?
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Which Petrol bag will fit two SD 702s?

I'm in crazy mode... I have till tomorrow to buy a bunch of gear for a job, so sorry if my question is a bit raw. I bought myself the Sound Devices CS-3 case, and I'm not a huge fan. I'm about to ...
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What bag do you use for your field recorder?

When I bought my Sound Devices 722 I also bought a purpose built Camrade bag for it: which seems good in terms of being waterproof, but I'm ...
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