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Connecting Microphone (Shure sm58) to Avid Mbox

My question is very basic and simple - is the cable XlR-TRS on end able to connect my microphone to Avid Mbox? For now it’s not working, but I’m not sure if that’s my fault and I didn’t set up mbox ...
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FastTrack Duo Line Out with monitors as windows default sound device

I have a FastTrack Duo on Windows10 with the latest drivers etc. I have a pair of monitors connected on the 2 x Line Out 1/4" connections at the rear. It works fine for monitoring output with Cubase ...
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What is this 'white waveform' called and what's it's function in Pro Tools HD 9

I want to know what the white waveform means (it's underlined using red colour in the pic attacthed). Can you tell me what it is called and which function it has?
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pro tools surround panner

I'm finally approaching doing my first 5.1 mix. I'm doing this in pro tools 10 HD. My only other experience of 5.1 has been in Logic and Nuendo. Does pro tools have a built in surround panner? At ...
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Sampler in ProTools with Pitch Shift automation but no time correction

I'm working on an animation Projekt aboute Robots and they are moving a lot, so i would use servo samples for it. Im thinking a lot, and the best way to modulate these samples with pitch without time ...
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ProTools 10 Problem with Pencil Tool

Hello, I recieved an AAF-file (linked wave files) from an avid-system and started editing. When I zoom-in to the point where you usually can "paint" with the pencil tool, the cursor changes from the ...
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Avid's Structure sampler - who's building their own multichannel patches?

I've used Structure fairly successfully since it first debuted but am having difficulty figuring out how to build my own multichannel patches. When I open up an instance of Structure that is more than ...
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Is avid going to be around much longer? What do you guys think? ...
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HD Native Thunderbolt Box sold separately?

I'm putting together a portable production sound mixing rig and I was looking at the possibility of using 192 I/Os with a laptop, and I can't find anywhere where they sell that little Avid HD Native ...
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Protools 101 avid assessment

Hi guys thank you for the answer @TheFaderJockey (cool name!). I have the 101 assessment coming up and I wanted to know if it is possible to practice on a my protools 9 (at home), I'd obviously need ...
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My Oxygen25 midi keyboard wont work with Pro Tools 9, help..?

So, I have Pro Tools 9 and a 3rd Gen Oxygen25 midi keyboard (usb). Both are made by Avid, yet I can't get them to work together.. The keyboard even works with Logic Pro 9, just not Pro Tools 9... I'm ...
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3 votes
12 answers

AVID Certification

Has anyone here gotten AVID certified at some level for Pro Tools? Have you found it helpful in finding work? Was it worth the time and money? I have been using Pro tools for well over 13 years and ...
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Known .aff problems?

I'm working on a new project. The video editors have the latest avid version, and our sound team is working with the latest version of protools. We've been encountering problems with that file ...
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Dubbing Stage Workflow

I know a lot about running a post production studio from home, and even in larger post suites, with digi surfaces and such. I've done it for a long time, and I've developed a method and workflow that ...
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