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3 answers

Performing multiple AudioSuite operations sequentially in OS X

There's got to be a smarter way to master 26 individual recordings at once. My workflow is wasting my time, but it shouldn't be. Summary: I'm looking for recommendations for editing applications (or ...
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2 answers

Can files created by using Audio Suite plug-ins go bad over time?

So I've been working on a feature film project for a few months now and I had to use Rx at my school to get rid of some really bad humming noises that were in a few scenes. I don't have Rx at home and ...
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7 answers

SFX Editing & Layering - Audiosuite or Inserts?

Hi everyone, When you're cutting and layering multiple sounds in order to achieve a desired effect, how would you normally apply any plugin processing that's required? At the moment, I'm working on ...
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What do you automate and what do you audiosuite?

What sorts of things do you automate and what do you like to audiosuite process? EQ? Reverbs? Volume? I know volume is a no-brainer because people love using faders to automate volume, but who knows ...
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