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What software is best at ripping multi-CD audiobooks? [closed]

I want to take a 6 CD audiobook and rip it into MP3s that I can listen to on my phone. Maybe this works ok if the audiobook has already been entered into some CDDB. But my CDs aren't recognized. ...
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Storageformat for audiobooks

So, I want to apologize in advance if this is not the right place for this question, but it was the most appropriate SE-site I could find (possibly apart from SuperUser). I have acquired quite a few ...
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Need some advice, first time project

I am doing a audiobook at the moment and im coming across a few problems. Firstly i must admit I dont have much experience in the area. So basically Im doing the story of snow white, and i have a few ...
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Removing Pernickety 'P's from vocals

I've got a very large amount of vocal audiobook material to edit so I was wondering if anyone knew of any plugins that help with 'P's and 'B's that have hit the mic just a little too hard. I've been ...
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Best software to use for editing audiobooks?

I do audiobook editing for a local library. I am using sound forge currently. Are there any recommendations for other editors? I get a lot of pops and lip smacking. It seems to take forever to finish.
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How fast are you editing an Audiobook?

I just completed editing my first professionally produced audiobook. It was about 130,000 words and I completed the project and submitted it on the deadline at 6 weeks. In my own personal post-mortem ...
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How would you mic a 5-actor audiobook.

I'm curious to what mics and what positions you would use for this situation: Multicast audiobook that will have full musical score and sound effects. 5 actors, 1 narrator, 4 character actors. The ...
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