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2 answers

Templates for Audio Drama

I'm working on an audio skit with voices and sound effects. I'm really new at this, but I've got friends doing separate voice tracks (on their computers) and am tracking down sound-effects. I'm using ...
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Effects in Adobe Audition to make a voice sound like it's coming from inside a body / in your head

I'm editing a radio play and one of the characters is a heart, as in, the beating heart of another character. Does anyone know any effects I could use in Adobe Audition that I could use on the voice? ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Suggestions for production music for audio drama

I'm considering taking advantage of some of the end-of-year/holiday sales to beef up my sound collection. I'm especially interested in good production music, for use for audio drama mostly. I've ...
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7 answers

I'm looking for Audio Drama suggestions that have a good mix of music and sound design.

I have the good fortune to write music for a wonderfully produced audio drama that features compelling sound design, great acting with audio that's captured really well on location. Sometimes in post ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Audio Workflow for Drama Production

Hi all I appreciate that every audio project is different, but I was wondering how audio is captured and what is the general audio workflow signal on bigger budget drama/tv productions? I have only ...
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2 answers

Good Resources for Voice Actors?

I'm about to embark on a new venture of producing short (for now) audio dramas, in the line of ZBS stuff. I use that comparison loosely and with nothing but utmost respect and adoration. I could begin ...
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4 votes
12 answers

Radio Drama Anyone?

I've made reference to this before, but I'm surprised to find that I haven't asked directly, anybody here into radio drama? or, I suppose, more accurately these days, audio drama? I'm ramping up to ...
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