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VST Synths for creepy atmosphere in OSX

I'm looking for VST-based synthesizers which are suited to making creepy or scary atmospheric sounds. I'm looking for 32bit and OSX compatible plugins. Any recommendation is welcome.
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Room tone/Ambience/Atmosphere loudness question

I recorded room ambience at -50db and I'm not sure how loud it actually should be (in relation to other sounds). I realized that I started to use this to mask the noise of foley recordings, then I ...
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Seeking Middle Eastern Ambiances

Any tips on good Middle Eastern libraries. Specifically looking for unplaceable urban ambiances? Would settle for Brazilian shantytowns too. Ideally no identifiable languages. This is the only one I'...
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3D Illusion Magic Show, Floating Lightbulbs

I'm working on the sound design for a 3D illusion magic show. There is a sequence where a bunch of lightbulbs are floating through the air, they all flicker on and off throughout the sequence while ...
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Best Microphones for Recording Atmospheres

Hi, I'm looking to buy some microphones to record some outdoor atmospheres (traffic, park, outdoor crowd, etc.). I have experience recording indoor sounds like vocals and foley but no outdoor ...
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Middle Eastern Atmos

Heading to Saudi Arabia later this week for a doc. Should have several days off in which I plan to do as much field recording as possible. Any thoughts regarding what to record/specific requests?
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Creating 5.0 atmospheres & Panning

Hey there, Have been playing round with some stereo atmospheres i recorded, trying to make them into 5.0s I can bounce and use in the future as pre made surround backgrounds. I would normally just ...
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What is difference between Room Tone and Ambient/Atmosphere Sound?

I am getting very confused between these two terms. Please can someone give me a clear explanation of the two, with some good examples?
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Request: Historical Street Atmos/Walla (Pre-50s)

I'm wondering if anyone has or knows where I could find Street Ambience or Walla from the first half of last century. I'm not concerned about a specific nationality or language. I'm working on a uni ...
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Searching for free downloadable Loop and Recording databases.

Anyone know of any? basically free beats etc but hopefully with some atmosphere recordings, like cities, crowds what have ya.. thanks in advance!
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Mixing backgrounds/atmos for 5.1

I'm curious as to how you all lay up/mix backgrounds for 5.1. Originally, i would lay the tracks discreetly and just send them to the appropriate output (ie. L, R, Ls, Rs), but since then i've seen ...
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authentic sounds

Hello all, I'm just mixing the first episode of an animated series. Unlike other shows I've done this one has a very specific location (in this case Vienna). The guys in tracklay gave me perfectly ...
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