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Free art versus commercial art

What's your stand on the question of the commerciality of art? Does commercial art fulfill the idea (or the ideal) of art or is it merely a business meant to rake in money on consumers that appear to ...
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Courses for knowledge on Sound and Installation

Hi. I'm a multi-media artist who is passionate about integrating sound art. Self taught sound mixer. I'm getting more and more into sound art and would like some terms of what type of ...
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short sound stories/art/sound design pieces (no picture)

cau you please point me to some interesting sound design stuff, to get some inspiration.
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List of Mimetic Scenes

After many failed attempts to view it before, I finally sat down and watched Hitchcock's Rear Window During the build up to Jimmy Stewart being confronted by the murderer, the scene struck me as ...
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Anyone record this 1000 horn symphony?

Some artist had 1000 cars honk their horns in LA today, anyone record it? THE LINK
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Examples of non-overt mixes

What are some examples of mixes you've heard that are very emotionally powerful, don't knock you out of your chair because the concept, story telling & depth of character development makes all ...
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Anyone know about 'Soundscapes for interiors and architecture' ???

I have this itching idea to research field of application of sound arts composed specifically for particular space - interior or can be called indoor dimensions, but can't find any studies that have ...
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What is your voice, as a sound designer?

Something I've been thinking about lately: We have a vocabulary to describe what a certain composer's music sounds like. They're really into X Y Z and the do this or that dynamically etc. etc. I can ...
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How do you define the art of sound design?

Just curious what it means to you, cause sometimes I feel like I forget and think the sound that I should make must be the biggest, coolest and most unnatural thing ever, and its not just all about ...
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6 answers

Mouth only Sound Design

I often and frequently use my own voice for sound design (and music) in many different aspects, not just human or animal interactions, but for example I was working on one short film that was on the ...
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Ambisonic Sound for Film

Just starting my reserach paper for my masters degree and i'm interested to hear from anyone who has ever mixed sound in ambisonics - whether it was using B-format recordings or placing tracks into ...
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Am I overreacting?

I leave the sound design for 6 days to another designer and I get back and I am shocked at how everything I had put my heart and soul into has been destroyed and disarranged and I get 10 minutes to ...
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Sound artists using convolution reverb?

Hello, I am currently searching for artists using the convolution reverb in an artistic, original or crazy way. If anyone could give me some names or stuff to check out it would be really helpfull! ...
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