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Field recording databases seems to be the largest and most reliable source of unprocessed field recordings (with a good share of pitch-shifted monster sounds too). I struggle to find alternatives of comparable ...
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Cornell Ornothological Sound Library

Hey everyone, Maybe some of you have heard about this, but Cornell University has compiled a library of nearly 150,000 nature recordings representing approximately 9000 species (primarily birds). The ...
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Space Saving Archive Format

I was in a debate with some game designers I work with about the best archiving format. What it inevitably came down to was a really dumb test, in which the results were futile in producing a winner ...
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Martin Luther King Speech

I'm designing a human rights documentary and there are shots being used of Mr. Martin Luther King in Washington D.C. Could someone please point me in the direction of where I can find the original ...
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Do you keep copies of your work?

If so, what type? Do you save the final mix and a video file in a Pro Tools session? Do you buy the DVD release or record it somehow? Is it smart to keep a copy of everything you have ever worked on?...
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Archiving Solutions?

Just wondering what people are using for archiving/backup? I have worked at studios in the past that use Retrospect (Exabyte tapes still haunt me) but I was just wondering what others are using as I ...
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