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I want to get started with modulation recorded audio

In there an app (preferably Android) that can take a audio recording (music, voice, etc.) and change the frequency to above or below human hearing (infrasonic and ultrasonic) and vice versa. I want ...
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Audio conflict between applications when my audio interface is the default audio output

Sorry if this is not the correct place but... has anybody had audio problems when two different audio capable applications (let's say Google chrome and any DAW) are up, on a mac, when you have only ...
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3 answers

What app can I use to create mixtapes?

As a huge mixtapes/weekly mixs listener and music addict, I always wanted to try it myself, share some tracks and create/modify/mix songs and stuff to create like an "universe" for it. Here is an ...
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metadata applications

I was under the impression that meta data included time code but apparently it is the track information on mp3's as well? How do I add metadata to things like my recordings and sound library/ies I ...
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Working with video: What tools can't you live without?

Working with video requires working with a good set of tools. These are some "can't live with-out" applications for Mac OS X Media Mac Info (Can tell you everything you need to know about and audio ...
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