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Mess up with Phoenix Reverb

I usually use Altiverb for dialogue premix, recently I bought Phoenix and R2 reverb due to their good reputation. However, I find them difficult to config. They have so many presets but none can ...
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Is there any reason that AudioEase couldn't make an IR from the Tenman Horn?

Just heard about this 80 year old technology making a comeback on NPR this evening. A 27' horn loudspeaker? Yes, I think it would make a great IR:
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Can you run Altiverb7XL as anything but stereo in SoundMiner?

I'm using SoundMiner 4.3pro v88 and recently upgraded to Altiverb7 XL Can't seem to get it to run in quad \ 5.1 when using Soundminer Can it be done?? Thanks J
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Add Metadata To Impulse Responses

Last night I recorded an impulse response of my building's parking garage with fairly decent results. After importing into Altiverb 7, I couldn't figure out how to add photos or other metadata to the ...