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Isolating "common" portion of multiple samples

So basically, what I am attempting to do is design an algorithm that can take some amount of samples (say 10-20) that all have a common sound playing in them, but each with different noise (some with ...
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Is there a way to distinguish stereo from binaural signals (algorithmically)?

When I am listening to music using head-phones, I find listening to stereo recordings rather tiring, so I am using a cross-feed-plugin ( which to my perception improves the ...
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2 answers

Frequency modulation in frequency domain

How would I calculate the amplitudes, phases, and frequencies of the harmonic peaks resulting from frequency modulating (and/or phase modulating) a waveform stored in frequency domain representation? ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Reverb Algoritms

Looking at designing some effective reverb in SuperCollider, wondering is anyone can point me in the direction of some good resources for algorithms?
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algorithmic composition / melody patterns generation

Hi there, this one goes for the more musically-oriented among us. i have a sharp deadline to wrap up a project for a client which involves sound design and theme composition for a 40sec animated ...
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