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Lite wind/air libraries

Hey guys, I notice myself using a few of the same lite wind/breeze files in my BGs for day and night time scenes. I mean I have enough to get by but I would like to know if anyone knew of any ...
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AIR plugins are missing

I just updated to PT 10.1.2 and now all my AIR plugins are gone. Has this happened to anyone? And how I can get them back? Many thanks!
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2 votes
5 answers

air release Foley Moves

I need to do some 'piston' style, air release foley moves next week. They have to be clean (ie no erroneous rattles from the props!) so was just wandering if any of you guys had any good ideas! The ...
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Discovery of Wind in the Studio

Dear All, I'd like to share a win I had today in recording wind. I took a Coleman camping air mattress, filled it brimming full of air, and let it deflate by opening it up and placing a 5 pound ...
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Design for throwing /axis rotate sounds

Hey, Am interested to hear techniques for rotating air sounds - eg - dagger or axe been thrown. I know GRM tools doppler can do a fantastic job on this. (which I dont have unfortunately). Ive been ...
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Question about recording and air temperature.

I've heard that depending on the air temperature, the sound at live gigs will vary in it's harshness and softness. If I remember correctly, the hotter the temperature is, the better the sound will be. ...
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