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3 votes
2 answers

Field recording in Tanzania, or South(ern) Africa

Hello hello! I am intending to book a 2 to 3 weeks holiday, of which a main purpose would be to do lots of field recording. I'm currently undecided where to go, but my eyes have fallen on Tanzania, ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Suggestions for Amazon, Australian and African journey.

A friend of mine volunteered to accompany a group which is touring through the Amazon, Africa and Australia. She'll be in extremely remote areas with aborigines, tribes, and native villages. The ...
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1 vote
10 answers

If you had to communicate Africa in one sound effect one second long, what would it be?

I'm working on a music video right now which is more like a short film and I need something that communicates Africa (there is a cut-away of someone dancing in Africa for a second while the song ...
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1 vote
3 answers

24 bit in south africa

Hey so I have a on set recording job coming up in South Africa, it is a 90 minute film, I have been told that in south africa they still use 16 bit so i was wondering if i record in 24 bit can you ...
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