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Questions you want answered at AES?

OK. So, I did something like this last year, and might as well offer it up again for those of you who can't make it to AES. Anyone have any questions for any of the vendors in the exhibit? If you see ...
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4 answers

Who's going to AES in October?

Wanted to started a group to see who will be at AES in NYC this October. I'll be there from Oct 19 - Oct 24. I'm presenting "Techniques in Field Recording" in the Game Audio track on the morning of ...
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2 answers

Getting into the 131st AES convention

$509. That is the price for non-members who want to see more than the exhibits. I had the privilege of attending the 127th AES convention, but I was a student and a member at that time, so I ...
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Professional organisation

Hi I’m a student about to graduate with an interest of going in to sound design. Was just wondering if anyone was a member or recommend becoming a member of any professional organisation (such as the ...
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AES San Francisco (Nov. 2010)

EDIT/UPDATE: So I'm in San Francisco now, and the convention starts tomorrow. Figured I'd refresh this to see if anyone else is going to be in attendance. Also, I'm going to try and run some end of ...
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