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interface adat from a yamaha ls9

I have the LS9 and the MY16-AT. I also have the Focusrite safire pro40 and the behringer fca610. has anyone hooked up ADAT to this setup? yamaha manuals are lacking for adat, even lack routing ...
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ADAT - S/PDIF I/O optical connectivity

I have a sound interface, M-Audio - Profire 2626, that uses FireWire. I can't convert FireWire to USB, but the interface has ADAT I/O so I'm thinking about routing the M-Audio signal in something ...
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What interface should I choose to extend Yamaha LS9-32 outputs?

I need more outputs on Yamaha LS9-32 so I am looking for an interface to extend outputs via ADAT output. I have MY16-AT card in it.
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ADAT to USB interface

Is there such a thing as a bridge between ADAT and USB? It seems simple enough, and seems like it should be a very cheap device - just do some translation from the ADAT digital stream into USB. ...
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