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What is the proper name for the type of cable that can combine two mic input into one?

Simply put, I have two lav mics with 3.5mm plugs and they're both mono. I want to combine them into one mic output without changing them to stereo, meaning I want the mics to stay mono. However, for ...
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Static when using USB-C PD2 adapter to audio interface into phone

Does anyone have a suggested setup to get audio from a USB-C audio interface directly into the USB-C audio input of their phone via camera app? I have a USB-C male (plugged into my Samsung S20) to USB-...
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How to plug TS 6.5 mic to laptop [closed]

I found this pretty old microphone and I wanted to see if there were any chances of using it. It is a DM-30 Dynamic Microphone from Pioneer Electronic Corp. I tried using a 6.5 to 3.5 adapter to my ...
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1/8 mic to 1/4 input wiring?

I am trying to connect a headset with inline microphone to my computer through my NI Komplete Audio 6 audio interface. The headphones have a 1/8" TRRS male cable which I have plugged into a 1/8&...
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Mono adapter on stero output [closed]

My soundcard (Sennheiser HDVD800) has a 6.35mm jack output that I'd like to adapt to listen on my earphones (3.5mm connector). However, I'd like to retrieve only the first channel (L or R) outputted ...
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How to connect the 6.3mm headphone to USB? [closed]

I bought a headphone and a 6.3mm-to-3.5mm adapter, but my notebook computer is Zenbook 14 which has no 3.5mm jack. Can I just connect the headphone to the 3.5mm adapter and then to the USB adapter? If ...
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Connecting two lavaliers to DR-40X as stereo audio

I am trying to capture stereo audio with two lavalier microphones. The microphones are the Rode SmartLav+, which has a 3.5mm jack that I believe is TRRS, it works directly with phones. My audio ...
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1/8" Headset to XLR

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface connected to my PC. It has XLR mic input and 1/4" headphones output, while my headset has regular double 1/8" jacks. I was wondering if it's safe to ...
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Trying to connect old speaker to old sound system

I hope I am asking in the right place. I don't know much about audio technology, so please excuse my terminology. I have an old sound system whose speaker stopped working, and I have a set of two old ...
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Streaming an instrument with a 6.35mm AUX stereo output

I have a beautiful AvantGrand N2, Yahama's digital piano with acoustic action. I would like to use it to livestream a performance in a few weeks, seeing as I can't invite anyone over for a concert ...
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How to connect a mono microphone to a stereo input (mini jack) without losing a channel?

I record live music with a small "pocket" video camera (Kodak "Playtouch" Zi10). The internal condenser mic is pretty lame. I tried one of the "SONY" (a knock-off, I'm sure) ECM-DS70P T-shaped plug-...
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