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Active noise control (ANC), also known as noise cancellation, or active noise reduction (ANR), is a method for reducing unwanted sound by the addition of a second sound specifically designed to cancel the first.

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DIY Active Noise Cancellation?

I wanted to perform an experiment with Active Noise Cancellation. I've downloaded a song from YouTube. I converted it to .wav using FFmpeg. Then I negated it using sox: sox -v -1 song3.wav song3-...
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cancel out audio in a recording with convolution, phase inversion

If I am playing audio out of a speaker into a room, and there is a microphone in the room recording all the sounds in the room, can I cancel out the sound produced by the speaker in the recording? I ...
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Audio Signal Difference Extraction

I'm from visual arts background and so, I'm not familiar with technical aspects of sound design. But I'm exploring and learning everyday. Currently, I'm working on a sound art project, for which I'd ...
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How can I remove buzz/static from a recording in Logic Pro X

This particular buzz was a ground loop problem with the recording equipment, so it's a small hum. Using Noise Gate doesn't work because it can only take it out where there's no other sounds. Someone ...
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Active noise cancellation on speakers [closed]

I was wondering if it is possible cancel out my voice during a phone call using active noise cancellation for people around me. The speakers of my phone could reproduce the signal recorded from my own ...
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Selective amplification of a voice signal

In many TV programmes, the director is speaking to the show host via an ear-piece that the host is wearing, and at many instances, what is being said through that ear-piece is more or less audible ...
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Active noise control barrier at tunnel openings in undergroundsubways

I know that Noise cancellation never works on scales larger than the sound's wavelength.but,at underground stations during the train arrival time we experience a lot of disturbance which sometimes ...
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Active noise control

In most papers I search for benefits of active noise control, most of them contain one single sentence without explanation that ANC increased material durability and fatigue life. But why?
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