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2 votes
2 answers

Firepod recording on a laptop that doesn't have a firewire port?

I bought a laptop around a year ago and unfortunately, it doesn't have a Firewire port. I'd like to use my Firepod with it, but I can't since I'm lacking the port. Is there some sort of converter I ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Has anyone had trouble with non-magnetic recording gear around magnets?

I've looked around online and found conflicting beliefs about the safety of having magnets near (non-magnetic) electronic recorders. Since CF/SD doesn't operate magnetically like a hard drive or tape,...
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11 votes
12 answers

What are the small bits in your field recording bag?

Yes, yes, we've all got preamps and recorders and mics and cables and hoary marmots in our field recording sound bags. But what else is in your bag? What are the little bits and bobs you really ...
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