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Military Weapon Sound Design from Abstract Sources

I'm working on a military sf game, and I'm running into some hurdles with Flak Cannon samples. I can hear that thudding, puffing mortar-like sound in my head, but I'm not quite sure how to achieve ...
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What is Abstract Sound Design?

I want to understand what Abstract Sound Design means. I looked at other questions here but couldn't find an answer I fully understood. What it means in terms of - How do you create it? What is it ...
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Designing a sound for flowers wilting/food rotting

Hey all, I'm working on my final project at school and I've run into a bit of a mental block as to how to make some sort of abstract sound for time lapse shots of flowers wilting and food rotting. I'...
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examples of sound+video juxtaposition

Hi guys. Looking for a few good examples of film/CGI/games where sound and picture have completely different character, or even nothing in common, or there's any other disconnect between them, but the ...
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Abstract Sound Design

(I've already looked at the other Abstract question, and it doesn't really cover what I'm about to ask.) Now, I know how to design literal sounds, and I'm pretty confident I know how to design for ...
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Abstract Design

Having been set a task of creating mood specific sounds relating to emotional impulses and responses (I'm currently working on a project requiring a sound for love, among other feelings), I was ...
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