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Can .aaf Davinci Resolve (V17) files be imported into Pro Tools

I’m trying to import an .aaf audio-only file bundle created using Davinci Resolve (V17) into Avid Pro Tools, and I’ve encountered some problems: The resulting output is unsynchronised with the ...
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Convert XML to AAF

Is there any way to convert a XML file from FCPX to an AAF for use in Pro Tools without X2Pro? Seeing if there is a way to do this other than buying X2Pro.
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Fastest way to manual sync Audio rushes in Pro Tools 10 *** without EDLs***?

Any help or advice you could give me would be genuinely appreciated. I'm editing sound for a low budget feature film and I've been given a picture edit in 5 reels with AAFs. I'm in the process of ...
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open omf or template first

When using OMFs and AAFs with a protools template is there any advantage in opening the OMF first and then importing the template or opening the template first and then importing the OMF?
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ProTools 10 Problem with Pencil Tool

Hello, I recieved an AAF-file (linked wave files) from an avid-system and started editing. When I zoom-in to the point where you usually can "paint" with the pencil tool, the cursor changes from the ...
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Exporting pro-tools project for 5.1

I've completed a 2.0 mix for a short film, the director wants to take this to a studio to attempt to mix it to 5.1. The engineer has asked me to give him the pro-tools file, but the audio folder is ...
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Known .aff problems?

I'm working on a new project. The video editors have the latest avid version, and our sound team is working with the latest version of protools. We've been encountering problems with that file ...
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Error while importing from OMF

Hello. I'm posting this question here because I have scoured the DUC unsuccessfully and hopefully you might be able to help me: I'm trying to import session data from an OMF exported from Media ...
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How to deal with OMF/AAF on PC platforms

When I first started in film, I was coming from a music production angle and could pretty much work on any DAW I wanted, since nothing ever left the program. I was blissfully unaware of the problems ...
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