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Is there any tool to find out if a wave file is a interpolation of other?

I have two versions of a sample, one is 44.1 kHz and the other 96 kHz. Is there any tool to find out if the 96 version is a interpolation of the first? or how can I know it?
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4 answers

96 KHz EQ Plugin

I'm mastering some 96KHz material that has a nasty hum running around 32KHz, which mostly I can only hear when playing back at half speed or scrubbing. As a last step of the mastering process, I'm ...
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3 answers

Which bit rate for location sound recording?

Hey all I am doing a bit of freelance location sound recording for TV/Film, I know it is delivered in 48k/24bit but I usually record sound effects/Foley at 96k/24bit so I wondered which I should be ...
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When will films be mixed at 96K?

When do you think it will be standard to mix a film at 96K or possibly 192K and have it stay at that sample-rate? Will Feature Films ever make the jump to 96K rather than stay at 48K? Also, when you ...
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