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0 votes
8 answers

NTG-3 vs 416 mic

This argument has been put forward numerous times in various forums, however differing responses do make it hard to form my own conclusions. My dilemma: To buy an NTG-3 or Sennheiser 416 as my short ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Problems with MKH 416 - Humidity maybe?

I am on a shoot using a 416 as my boom running into an SD 302 mixer and then down to a tascam HD P2 for record. Beginning of the day I had great signal coming from the shotgun, as the day ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Low-Budget Pre-Amp for Senn 416

Hello everyone. My friend asked me to do some research for him on a preamp for a Sennheiser 416. I'm stumped as I have been working in a professional studio my whole career and don't know where to ...
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