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Recording tracks on double bass

So I am recording a double bass quartet song (all arco) and I have two main issues: I'm not sure if my microphone is being positioned best and such to pick up the richest sound possible. I have a ...
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Transfer recording from 4 Track Tascam 246 from another model possible?

I've been searching the net to see if it's possible to transfer some old recordings I did from a Tascam 246 4 Track recorder from a different 4 track unit? One hurdle is that the speed was not ...
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Is there software that lets me "quantize" old recordings?

I have some old demos I did many years ago on 4-track tape. I've digitized them but now I'd like to bring them into a DAW (FL Studio) and rework them. (Processing the audio, adding new parts over the ...
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Digitizing Casette 4-Track Tapes via Behringer U-Control UCA 222

I'm looking to digitize a bunch of 4-track tapes I made when I was teenager. I acquired a Tascam 424 (the same model I originally recorded on) which has the ability to route each track to a separate ...
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Speed & Pitch Shift calculation for cassette recorded at 9.5 cm/s

I am extracting some of my old 4 track cassettes onto my computer using a 2 track deck (the only cassette playing I have left). It seems that at one point I had a Tascam 4 track that recorded at a ...
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Tool for improving old recordings

I'm looking for a tool like this, but not quite sure what to call it. I have a number of MP3s of recordings I did on 4-track tape back in the day. I quite like them but the recording is fairly poor ...
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