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3d sound from 5.1 (dolby cinema) speaker system

hi is it possible to create fake 3d sound panning (like with headphone and htrs) with a standard 5.1 system? i think no, never heard of any tool or technique that can allow that...
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feeling of Height of sound source

Im working on my own project where im trying to tell a story/explain a scene with only sound and no voices or visuals. The sound, ambiences and cutscenes (using change in environment) should be able ...
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8 answers

Thoughts on 3D Mic Pro by Mitra?

I was watching Terminus by Phillip Bloom on Vimeo. He recorded it as a showpiece for the Arri Alexa and the Mitra 3D Mic Pro, and I was really impressed by both. The sound was really great on ...
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What are some notable games for sound design that push the limits?

Which games are pushing the limits of sound psychology right now? When will audio catch up with the 3d trend and what will that be?
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Why can I not record ambisonics in Unity with Google Resonance?

I've set up Unity (2018.4.0f1 LTS) with the Google Resonance project and I'm attempting to record an ambisonic environment with the Resonance Audio Listener component - however on hitting Record, ...
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Why not use more than 48kHz with HeSuVi

So I recently installed the HeSuVi app in preparation for the t50rp Mk3 headphones I've ordered (hoping that they'll sound good enough running directly from my Creative AE-5 sound-card and that I won'...
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How do I produce this sort of 3 D sound?

I recently came across this audio (please hear the audio only with ear-phone/head phones). As said in the audio, it uses cetera algorithm. What that algorithm actually does? How does it work? I didn't ...
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2 answers

The illusion of 3D sound in Audacity

I am looking for a way to make audio sound like it's above your head and then below your head in Audacity. Is there a way to accomplish this?
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Specs for sound in 3D

Hi all, I have been asked to get some ideas for what is required regarding sound gear for on set recording and for post production. I do have some ideas but if anyone has some links that would point ...
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Minimum number of speakers needed for 3D Audio

I am planning to create a 3D Audio experience in a small room. For that I would like to place speakers around the center of the room. How many speakers do I need minimum to play sounds, for example ...
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