Hello everyone!

I'm currently looking for studies that have to do with Sound Design and I was wondering if anyone here knows a good university/school where they teach sound design or studies related to that (Music design etc.). Thank you in Advance!

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In which country Leo?

I can vouch for Leeds Metropolitan University in Leeds, UK.

I'm just completing a MSc Sound Design there and the course was really good - very experienced tutors and brilliant facilities.

Good luck in your search!


  • I 2nd that! Studying down at Leeds Met was fantastic' Great tutors and facilities indeed! Love the 'Foley' room! Commented Aug 26, 2011 at 11:32

Just finished sound design at the HKU in Hilversum. If your focus is only on film, look at the Nederlandse filmacademie in Amsterdam. Good luck!


I have been looking into NFTS "National Film and Television School" London. If it is Sound Design orientated for the moving image then I would check this school out. It is the best in the Galaxy! http://www.nfts.co.uk/courses/sound-design-for-film-and-television/Course Good Luck!!


Edge Hill University offer a BA (Hons) Music & Sound undergraduate degree. Based between Manchester & Liverpool. It esp focuses on sound design, sound art, music composition for live performance & theatre. http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/study/courses/music-and-sound-with-drama#summary_2011 Don't be put off by the title (which is due to change to Music & Sound in Theatre Performance....and is therefore all about designing & working with sound and music)


If you want to go in the direction of film, start by reading as much as you can from filmsound.org. It's a great source for material and inspiration on studying sound. Also with lots of book recommendations. Then while waiting for any place at any university, try to find an internship. In a company or just with a freelancer, if he/she is willing to take you on.

I learned so much from those two sources that it is at least equal to my studies if not more important for my today. I did study at the HFF in Potsdam-Babelberg near Berlin. (which was still good, but less practical and basically just different)


Hey Simon, thanks for the answer! I live in the Netherlands but I purposely did not put a country in my post because I don't really care where it is, as long as its good. MSc sounds good, but that is only one year right? And 4000 pounds is certainly not cheap, but definitely looks good :)

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