Hi all

Do you know any alternative plugin to the Waves S360 (I work with Pro Tools)? I'm looking for something like the Rotate function in the Euphonix console: the Waves S360 imager is the only thing I know that is similar.

Any other plugin or trick to do that in Pro Tools?




Spanner is a new AAX plugin from maggot which does the kind of thing you are asking. www.maagot.co.nz/software/spanner.shtml

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  • Thanks Justin, great, lots of possibilities, and awesome GUI. hope to see the Rotate function implemented soon. Best – Davide Favargiotti Apr 16 '12 at 12:58

This one from Flux is free although it doesn't exactly do the rotate like Waves.

I haven't used this one but Wave Arts Panarama looks intriguing.

It is also, of course, easy to change the stereo imaging of a sound by adjusting the L and the R levels individually or applying delay or reverb asymmetrically. If you are mixing in 5.1 it is easy to rotate using the ProTools 5.1 panner.

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  • Thanks. I know those plugins, but they work (as the Pro Tools panner) only for mono or stereo tracks. What I'm looking for is something that let me rotate a LCR, QUAD or 5.0 track into a 5.1 mix. Don't know if I'm explaining myself well, sorry ;) – Davide Favargiotti Aug 18 '11 at 17:45
  • Ah...I see. IRCAM Spat may work for this: fluxhome.com/products/plug_ins/ircam_spat – Justin P Aug 18 '11 at 18:56

@ Justin: looks good...awesome!

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