Hi all

Trying to hire a rig for the airshow and will probably only get to hire the SD552. Anyone had much experience recording with both 552 and 7 series gear? Are the mic pres the same? Is it much more fiddly to use?

Cheers Andy


There is an article published on the Sound Devices website that answers your exact question. The 7-series outperforms the 552 in terms of the dynamic range (114 dB compared to 103dB respectively), which is more important when dealing with low-level recordings. 7-series recorders are also more flexible in terms of input routing. But the 552 is an excellent production mixer. As with any Sound Devices unit that I have used, the 552 is very intuitive so usability shouldn't pose you any problems.

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  • Thanks Colin! The plan is to record aircraft so I doubt dynamic range will be tooo much of an issue :) – Andy Lewis Jul 26 '11 at 15:07

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