I often and frequently use my own voice for sound design (and music) in many different aspects, not just human or animal interactions, but for example I was working on one short film that was on the virge of art-film/short film. No real story just an emotion. And I got down to business, started foley recording and in one scene the main character opens a cabinet. I just couldn't get that cabinet door to sound right. I wanted it to have a creak and something "outer-worldly", so what I ended up doing was recording me just imitating the door and combining it with the real creak, and it just worked totally right.

Soooo... What about making a film with sound design entirely created with voices? Has anyone seen anything like that? Is it possible? Would it be fun?

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It's not a film, but two words...Michael Winslow


Not a movie, but you should really give a listen to "A Prairie Home Companion" on National Public Radio (US). They do a couple of radio drama segments and their sound FX guy does the majority of his FX with his mouth...and it is fantastic.

  • They do a weekly radio show -- I actually caught it today, and it sounded like Garrison Keilor was just making stuff up to see if the sound guy could do it. "Then he rode up a ramp, on a motorcycle. He was chopping an onion, and peppers, and he had a frying pan where he put all those things and two eggs..." Commented Aug 22, 2011 at 4:19
  • You can listen to any of their old shows here: prairiehome.publicradio.org Commented Aug 22, 2011 at 4:20

check out DubFx [youtube]WhBoR_tgXCI[/youtube]

and Beardyman


Even Gabriel Iglesias-the standup comedian creates police car siren effects using his mouth!! cools stuff!!



Not sure about a WHOLE movie, but the alien probe sound in Star Trek IV was actually director Leonard Nimoy on a stage doing the effect with his voice -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek_IV:_The_Voyage_Home


I've seen a short animation done entirely with voice/mouth sound effects - it was great (no link, sorry). It was somewhat abstract, but there was a good variety of sound - you wouldn't have guessed it was all done with the mouth without knowing.

As a side note, mouth effects are great for making cartoony pops!


Native Instruments makes a mouth controlled synthesizer. I havn't seen it or used it even read a review. It frequently pops up as an advertisement when I am surfing the web.

Ben Burtt used his mouth to make the noise of R2D2 so theres proof that it can work.

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