I have never had this issue before, but I recorded a session and now it is not letting me bounce it to the desktop or my external (where I normally bounce to). The error statement it gives me says the requested file size is too large for the file type to support. I am frustrated and curious as to why this just started happening with this session after almost 2 years of dealing with ProTools 8. Thanks


Are you using an old format hard drive? FAT32 has limitations on file size.


Agree with Panozkp, is it a fat32 volume? If so you are limited to 4 gb minus 1 byte.

Also Wav & aiff files have a 4gb (sometimes 2gb) size limit as well. I think this might be your issue, since it does specify that it's too large for the file type.

What is the sample rate / length / number of channels of your bounce file?


for many reasons i would suggest not bouncing but busing and printing inside the pt session.

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