Hi all!

Was doing some location recording in a shopping mall today and recorded a cool sounding rickety lift going down with me in it. Unfortunately I seem to have picked up the sound of my mobile phone interference too! Really annoying. Anyone had any luck removing that kind of blipty-blipt sound before?

If anyone would like to try then heres the sound ;) http://soundcloud.com/andrewjohnlewis/annoying-mobile

Any help would be appreciated. I reckon I'll probably just have to record it again at some point though :(

Cheers, Andy

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Hmm, I'm no expert, but I believe that it is impossible to take out...though I may be wrong.

  • EQ alone can't do it, anyway... it looks like cell-phone noise has a much broader EQ range than I'd originally thought. Mar 23, 2011 at 16:14

I'd try simple editing first, using fill from the surrounding regions to cover over the interference you're cutting out. If that fails, I'd go to Izotope RX's Spectrum Repair.


Did a quick search and found this


Apparently it works using a vinyl click reduction software coupled with some honeycomb filtering. I can see how this will work in theory, but it's gonna be a lot more pain than re-recording I reckon. :D


The first part of it sounds clean.

Otherwise, I have no clue how to remove that other than maybe 10 hours of spectral analyzing and deleting with Izotope RX.

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