Anyone who is doing binaural recordings, what mics/setup are you using (makes & models of mics and for setup: binaural head, in-ear etc.) I'm looking at investing in some and would like to have some advice. I know this question has been asked already but I wanted to re-launch the question to see if we can get some more response.

Thanks in advance.

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I was on an extremely tight budget (as usual) and I bought these. For the exra power needed for the electret mics I bought this and this to connect it to the inputs on my Zoom H4 recorder.

With this cheap and cheerful set up I made recordings such as this one MARKET and this one XMAS DECORATIONS. The only adjustment to the originals was a bit of Eq to bring out the bass.

Chris W


This would be the top end. But I've seen binaural heads built out of mannequin heads as well.

A lot of folks swear by Sound Professionals binaural setups, which are way more entry level. I've heard some good recordings made by the headphone model.

I would also look into making your own set with a couple of matched lavs. DPA 4060s or 4061s sound great and would serve you well.

  • @Justin - Yeah I'd love to get a Neuman Dummy Head. I've seen Gordon 'The Soundtracker' Hempton using this in some videos. Sadly, I'm not rich! +1 on the DPA idea. Thanks for the input! Commented Jan 28, 2011 at 17:49
  • Yes, the DPAs would be a great choice and could also be used for other things. I absolutely love my 4060s, they sound more like a medium sized condenser than lavs. I've make some nice stealth recordings with those mounted on a hardshell backpack. Good luck.
    – Justin P
    Commented Jan 28, 2011 at 17:55

I have a pair of 4060 on a kit by Core-Sound,

They sound very rich and good in the low end. Very low profile too!

I have another kit of binaurals by Core-sound, They are less sensitive with less bass and high's. The high end binaurals with the DPA 4060 are really better.


For those of use who can't afford a dummy head, we can use our own dumb head with the help of these little guys: http://www.sonicstudios.com/dsm.htm with very decent results.

I got that tip from Karen at http://whitenoisemp3s.com/ and she's got some very lovely recordings available using them.

Hope that helps.


If you already have a pair of omnis I would invest in a Jecklin disc.


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