I'm using a TPA3116 Amplifier Board, but getting some hissing / buzzing noise from it.

In the AUX IN Jack F, I'm plugging an MP3 Player. In the Left Channel Out (L+ and L-) I've connected a cut Jack Cable This Jack cable then goes to a JBL

When I use the MP3 player directly on the JBL, the sound is very clean. When I go through the Amp board, I get a hissing noise. At 50% volume it's quite low, but at max volume it can be very noticeable.

I've used two boards, one from an audio amplifier I dismounted, and this one, to no avail.

The Jack cable, when cut, gives 4 cables, two by two, White/Black1, and Red/Black2. I've plugged the Black2 on the L-, and the three other on the L+.

Am I doing things wrong? Or are two of the boards I bought of low quality? Is there a product that would be more suited?


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