I've been trying to record some vocals for a song on my laptop. It's the first time I've ever recorded vocals with my own laptop, and I've run into some problems.

I used two different mics to test my theory, but basically my laptop refuses to record certain frequencies. I'm using an LG Gram laptop, the software I used was Ableton 11 Lite, and I forgot which mics in particular, but one was a Rode and the other was a Shure.

To test this out, I used the same microphones on different laptops and the other ones worked. I also did an online mic test and tried testing a bunch of frequencies (I sang into the mic). I also sang the melody into my tuner on my phone, and the notes that cut out were around B# (roughly 250 Hz). What's also weird is that it can record frequencies/notes above and below that frequency.

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?

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    Hi Gabe, you'd really need to pop a link to your audio file so we could take a look at it. Without that, we can't even guess what your setup is like and what issues may exist
    – Rory Alsop
    Apr 5 at 8:24
  • Did you connect those microphones to the 3.5 mm jack connector of the laptop?
    – Hobbes
    Apr 9 at 19:56
  • Are you running these tests in the same room or in different rooms each time? 2 hours ago


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