I have the RODE Pro kit and I've been experimenting. I think I can record a stereo interview onto my Android, but I'm not sure how to do it. I've tried Dolby On on the phone and actually recorded on it over the USB-C, but where to go from there?

I'd like to get a lossless recording onto my Mac, but the file is too big for an attachment, and saving it to Drive does not seem to work. I think I set the app to save to the SD card, but now I can't find the file there either, and Dolby has basically NO documentation on this. So where did the file go?

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On finding Dolby On's recording files, the support page Where is Dolby On stored says its tracks are kept encrypted in app-specific storage until you use the "Share" feature to export them.

The support page Saving, exporting, and sharing says how to export them, in short: tap the track to select it, then pick Save Audio and pick a folder, or pick More Audio Apps and export to Google Drive et al. (Also see Quick Share on a Mac.) Pick "Lossless audio" to get a .wav file.

Alas, per Does Dolby On record in stereo?:

As of today, Dolby On records in mono. Once the recording has been captured, Dolby On automatically applies stereo widening to the recording along with de-essing, normalization, compression, and fades.

Here are some notes on stereo widening. It isn't going to separate out the two interview microphones.

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