I'm new to sound design and recording, having been a bedroom guitarist for many years now. I'd like to recreate a drum tone like the following band Shining - Black Jazz:


What drum plugin would come close to this? Is it possible to create it using stock logic drum plugins but adjust the EQ and reverb?

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I think you'd get a lot of joy out of Addictive Drums 2, particularly the Metal and Black Velvet (for the bigger snares that even have a "gatey" reverb) kits. They (and this is true for all of AD2) have a great tone out-of-the-box, all premixed and ready to go, and you can tweak them further. This saves a lot of time dialing things in.

From the example you linked, I hear similarities in punch and overall aggressive drive. Of course, then you'll need to play it in action — but there are also example MIDI patterns provided that you can fine-tune to taste.



  • Thanks! Can I also recreate a Deftones - white pony drum tone with addictive drums and a room reverb blugin? Feb 20 at 16:18

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