This is the track. The part that really interests me begins at about 1:05 and goes 'til about 1:55.

I'd like to start messing with sound (not necessarily creating music) and want to take a single sound (e.g., bird chirping) and distort it in many different ways. What's done to this bird sound here is pretty lovely I think.

Is there a set of things that's done to this? To me it seems wildly complex, but I'm pretty ignorant of this domain.

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In addition to distortion, downsampling, and amplitude quantisation it's possible that there was spectral/fft processing involved - the sound at 1:50 specifically sounds like it could be done using an spectral processing tool.

Sometimes what producers do to create soundscapes like in the example is loop a section and randomise or manually tweak lots of different parameters at once, all the while recording the output - sometimes called a mud pie. Most of the output will be unusable so you discard it and you are left with the best small sections to arrange in the final track.


It could be a sample with birds and they are messing with the audio sample rate. Changing the sample rate will affect pitch, level and introduce a lot of distortion among other things. It could also be bit reduction on top of that. It's probably also fed into a disortion/noise effect to further crush the sound.

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