I have been producing music for some years now but I have never taken steps in learning how to build sounds from the ground up. I am currently practicing by recreating sounds from tracks that I enjoy.

Using Vital, I am trying to recreate the lead sounds in this track:


So far I have created the following: https://vocaroo.com/11xuI9fReSlu. Using Vital, with the following oscillators: enter image description here

And effects: enter image description here

As you can hear from the sample there is quite some substance missing to the sound (my sound is a lot softer compared to the original). Now my question would be the following:

Which basic oscillator (sine, saw, square) would approach this sound best (if any)? Are there perhaps effects I am missing with which I can approach this sound better?

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That's not bad actually, a very good start.

But I would try layering another note on top. Saw-based, try an octave down (or maybe one saw vco an octave down) to open up that saw-buzz that you're missing. High-pass/EQ the new saw to keep mostly the mid-to-high brightness and fuzz it up a bit with some fuzzy feedback distortion effect (try to get it to self-oscillate slightly). Maybe low-pass the sound you have slightly to allow for the fuzzy saw to bite through (or lower the high shelf on the EQ).

I've found these days, it's all about layering and big-effects, filling out the spectrum and space. Make it interesting with different attack rates. Most people starting out forget the effects, so it's dry and "small", but you have a good start on the chorus and reverb on this one.

But... bigger reverb. Very bright and spacey 8th delayed reverb and 1/4 note delay. I think this is 3 sounds, actually. There's a wide stab on the first note of every bar.
Just noticed, you can hear the 3rd sound at around 34 secs on its own.

A good tip is to record the sound you're trying to recreate to a track in the DAW so you can quickly listen whenever you want.

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