so, before covid, i'd been taking regular piano lessons, sadly these ended with restrictions but I managed to find an online teacher and carried on for a while. But life changed, new child, new house and the piano eventually got sold as there was just no room (far too much baby stuff!)

anyway, i've just starting renting an office so i'm out of the house more these days and have been thinking about getting a digital piano and start playing again, really have missed it!

my issue would come in with neighbours - i'm sure they don't want to hear me playing scales or messing up new pieces! and I want to be respectful especially being as i've not been there long.

I can of course play the piano through headphones - that parts simple.

What i'd like to be able to do though is have lessons online again.

This means a teacher needs to hear what i'm playing. How - or more to the point - is it possible to do this without speakers?

IS there a way to connect the piano to a PC, and have it transmit the sound over something like teams or zoom or something like that? i.e. a live broadcast of what i'm doing.

I don't mind neighbours hearing me speak of course, that's expected but I don't want to be intrusive with instruments in a work space, so i'm keen to work this out before I buy the piano, as if it needs specific outputs i'm keen to buy correctly.

Really appreciate any help given, most i've ever done before is add some studio monitors and a mic and away I went.

If I can solve this it means I can have lessons during working hours (I work for myself so my boss doesn't mind :D )


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